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Louise Naunton Morgan’s work consists of a series of gestures exploring core themes of constructed systems and identity. It sets out to traverse the different facets of both subjects, independently and combined, addressing the tension between the personal and impersonal, organic and artificial.

The work concerns itself with systems we find in our everyday life, specifically those of communication, representation and expression – such as signs and symbols. She is interested in how these established forms and processes are being challenged and moulded by the digitisation of the world and how one can define themselves within these newly set structures. Through the act of analysis and deconstruction, systems are stripped back, pushed to their limits through exhaustive repetition and in turn reveal their hidden architecture. This dismantling creates the potential for reconfiguration, generating a space within these restricted patterns for individual expression.

Text by Amy Pettifer


Sugar House Studio
Bermondsey Campus
19 Collett Rd, SE16 4DJ

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